News from Delta Dental of Michigan


December 2016

Best effective discount

There are multiple ways to measure the overall value of a provider network. The effective discount—which represents savings on all claims, both in and out of network—is a good overall measure.

A recent independent study by Ruark Consulting, LLC, determined that the Delta Dental PPOSM network delivers the industry’s best effective discount.

The Ruark study examined a full year’s worth of claims data from Delta Dental and 13 other companies offering dental benefits. It discovered that the Delta Dental PPO plan averages a 23.9 percent savings nationally, resulting in more than $5.2 billion in annual savings compared to dentists’ average charges.

One of the ways that Delta Dental delivers the best effective discount is our high network utilization—more than 93 percent nationwide for our two main networks, Delta Dental PPOSM and Delta Dental Premier®. More in-network visits equal more savings. Plus, Delta Dental is able to offer savings even to members who choose to visit a dentist who is not part of our PPO network—a key benefit of our exclusive Delta Dental Premier network.

The size of our networks also plays a pivotal role in our effective discount, as Delta Dental has the largest networks nationwide, helping to ensure that members can find in-network care when they need it.