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Tip 9: Petro-SIM Column Application Comparison


Do you know the difference between DISTOP and other solvers for column simulation? Do you know the advantages and limitations of each?


Petro-SIM provides several solving methods. The following table displays the general features of all the Petro-SIM Column Solving Methods.

In general, the DISTOP solver option used with the Petro-SIM column, based on section-by section solution method, is specifically optimized to solve refinery main fractionator columns rapidly and robustly. It is particularly suited to CDU/VDU, FCCU, coker and hydrocracker main fractionators and similar separations. The model may only be used to perform a separation on streams that have refinery assays. The following table summarizes the advantages and limitations for DISTOP and Tray-to Tray columns.

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