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Tip 4: Uses of Curves and Maps for Different Types of Compressors


Characteristic curves are used to describe the changes in fluid pressure, temperature, entropy, flow rate etc. while passing through the compressor at different compressor speeds. How can you incorporate these curves into your compressor simulations in Petro-SIM?


The Petro-SIM™ compressor unit operation has a Rating tab where you can supply information on characteristic curves for the compressor. 


  1. Define a new compressor Compressor Box Unit 1 and its attached streams as shown below. 

  2. Double click the compressor and open the Rating tab.

  3. Check the box Enable Curves. The compressor will display the warning message Overspecified.

  4. Select the Polytropic option for Efficiency.

  5. Under Performance Maps, click on Add PM to add a performance map. In the list of performance maps, check the Active box. This compressor will now shows the error message Curves are Incomplete.

  6. Under Performance Maps, rename the performance map PM-1 to As Tested. Add another performance map and rename it to Design. Under the Compressor Curves, add curves for As Tested and Design. Rename all the curves as shown below. Double click on each curve and enter the FlowHead - % Efficiency data for both sets of Performance Maps. Check the Active box for all of them. 

  7. The compressor will display the warning message Overspecified. Delete the specified Adiabatic (Isentropic) Efficiency on the Design Tab.

  8. Click Plot Curves to plot the collection curves of the compressor.

  9. Click Performance Mapto plot the collection curves of the compressor.

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